Team Tringali Advantage Corporate Benefits Plan

As a business, you want to attract—and retain—the best talent. That’s the idea behind Team Tringali Advantage, an all-encompassing service that links you and your employees to a signature benefits package of real estate and other home service specialists. Best of all, it costs you nothing.

Your employees, especially young professionals, value their leisure time. The Team Tringali Advantage makes everyone’s life easier by connecting you with proven, vetted service providers:

  • Team Tringali REALTORS®
  • Mortgage broker
  • Title firm
  • Home inspector
  • Flooring specialists
  • HVAC techs
  • White-glove movers

Whether your business is relocating new talent, or just as another perk for employees to brand your company as a leader, being able to offer the Team Tringali Advantage menu of services makes life easier. Reducing stress in the workplace—and offering these perks from the C-Suite to the maintenance crew—makes personnel feel valued. This is great for your bottom line—and there is no cost to you!

You want what’s best for your staff. So, what’s your game plan?
Choose the Team Tringali Advantage!

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